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Subject: [mythtv-users] XFCE4 and mythrontend

	I have a kitchen media center which runs web surfing with firefox,
music jukebox with amarok and TV with myth.  I have been using KDE as the
desktop environment, and running mythfrontend in windows mode on its own
workspace.  Under KDE I start it with "mythfronend --windowed -geometry
1280x1024" and it runs in basically full-screen mode (there is no top or
side bars) on the one workspace.  Now this is pretty good, except that the
machine is a 1 GHz P3 with 512 MB, which is a bit anemic for this.  I got
XFCE installed and running, and it does save memory, but I have having one
problem.  When I run mythfrontend, it doesn't take up the full screen
because the top and side bars are still there.  I have read some
documentation about XFCE but cannot find a way to tell it run that windows

	Matthew Asplund

If you want it to be full screen, leave off the -geometry switch.  I run in
full screen on two XFCE4 front ends just fine.  If you need different
resolutions for playback versus menus, you can set that up in the

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