[mythtv-users] Recording Schedules not processed correctly.

malcolm torrent malcolm.torrent at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 12:50:51 UTC 2007

Dear All,
four nights ago I suffered 4 brown-outs inside 90 minutes which
repeatedly spiked my 'always on' mythbackend server. [btw, I've
ordered a UPS to block the barn door in case future horses decide to
bolt!!! ]
After little TLC, the server appears to have survive unscathed apart
from all the 'Recording Schedule' entries in the database no longer
Here's how it [doesn't] work:
1. I set a recording schedule for a recurring show. [due to be
recorded today and in the future]
2. The database correctly identifies today's show and records it. [phew]
3. The upcoming recordings also show other future instances of the
show as appropriate. [isn't Mythtv great]

However, the following day when I check, future instances of the
show[s] are gone and nothing is scheduled.
Because the entries look ok initially, I'm guessing that the error is
generated when mythfilldatabase is executed at ~4am and the database
is updated.

I'm also assuming that whatever is causing this is as a result of the
brownouts and something is simply corrupted [but i don't know what].
This box has been running perfectly for nearly a year. [runs
FC4+ATRPMs, last updated ~3 months ago (to Myth .20)]

We rely on this box for all recording so I'm re-adding schedules
everyday while i attempt to resolve this. Clearly this is rather
tedious, but I really don't what to rebuild this from scratch so any
advice which minimizes down time is gratefully received.
I've guessing there is a way to to force a scrub of the schedules in
the database and start again but simply deleting them all and
re-adding them doesn't work.

has anyone resolved something similar or can offer other advice?


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