[mythtv-users] Perfect DVD rips failing

Peter pete at putzin.net
Sat Jan 20 01:32:07 UTC 2007

Theng Kiat Ng wrote:
>     Crud, good idea, but still no. I ripped another movie new just to see
>     what happens, and I get the same behavior. It seems that mplayer run
>     standalone doesn't see this as a DVD and doesn't decode it. When I
>     play
>     it back in myth, it correctly extracts the keys, but then I get a
>     ton of
>     NVP Prebuffering pause messages and nothing ever plays. Actually,
>     same
>     thing happens with a DVD when played back in myth. Not sure what's
>     going
>     on here, but it's making me nuts.
> Can xine play it? (I don't use mplayer to play my ISOs)...
> Regards,
> Tj
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Well, it works on a remote frontend, but not on the FE/BE combo. Both 
FC6, so one has something the other doesn't. Now I need to figure out 
what that is.

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