[mythtv-users] Writing a DVD

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Jan 19 22:18:09 UTC 2007

On Jan 19, 2007, at 12:23 PM, stan wrote:

> Is there any way (command line for instance) to save shows to a  
> DVD, other
> than the new "improved" DVD writing interface?
> I have been completly unable to get the "new improved" interface to  
> work at
> all. It may be that I don;t know how to use it, but posting a query  
> as to
> how to use it here, resulted in no replies :-(

Have a look at:


This will get you started at least.

I've had good luck with MythBurn from the MythWeb interface, but  
others have had trouble with it.

By "new improved interface" I assume you mean MythArchive? That's new  
in 0.20 which I have not upgraded to yet.

You didn't mention what form your recordings take. If they are MPEG-2  
recordings from a PVR card then you basically have to demux them  
(using avidemux or projectX), remux them (with mplex or the like) and  
then "author" the DVD, assuming you want a DVD that will play in a  
standalone player. If they are HD recordings from an MPEG stream from  
off-air or a firewire connection from a STB then you will have to get  
the resolution down to standard DVD values before you can make a  
playable disk.

If you have recorded the program as MPEG-4, say with software  
encoding from a frame grabber or by hardware with a Plextor 402 then  
you have to transcode to MPEG-2 before you can make a "standard" DVD.

If you just want to "archive" the files to a DVD, as opposed to  
creating a "playable" disk, then you can just use any burning  
software like k3b or xcdroast.

Authoring DVDs in Linux is as much art as science. I'm still working  
on part 2 of the "VHS-to-DVD transfer" guide which will have more  
info on how to create a DVD in Linux, but I'm afraid it's going to be  
at least a week or 2 before I can get that finished.

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