[mythtv-users] New house - any advise?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Jan 19 17:12:01 UTC 2007

robin wrote:
> I'm currently in the middle of building a new house. I'm now at the wiring
> stage. I plan to have a backend in my utility room with multiple front ends
> in different parts of the house.
> I would like to have s/pdif or other digital audio out to an amp that has
> multiple zones so that I can use mythmusic to keep me entertained throughout
> the house.
> I was originally thinking of using a single multi-source/multi-zone amp for
> the audio off the backend, but that proved to be too expensive to buy and
> wire for the number of zones I wanted, and I couldn't figure out how to tie
> it all together with myth. I figured multiple front-ends, each with its own
> smaller amp would be a cheaper and easier approach. Any comments on this?
> I want the main front ends to be diskless and silent (if possible). I was
> wondering what is the currently recommended silent system. I've read about
> people using eipa boards, is this still the best solution? Has anyone tried
> running a front end from a large thumb drive? Or is network boot to a ram
> drive still the best way to go?

It has been reported here before that a myth frontend will run from a 
CompactFlash card. Logic Supply sell CF to IDE adapters, so that you can 
use a CF card as a boot and run device. And they advertise that 
capability, so no doubt it can be done. The adapter is only $16!

I don't know how small the OS of a frontend can be made, but a 2 Gig CF 
card is about $100.00

If you are only looking at an audio capability then clearly an EPIA 
motherboard or any other of the small form factor machines would work 
fine. The MacMini look-alike from Asus would give you a CD/DVD player 
capability, but in any of those setups, you will probably need an 
amplifier and speakers for the output.

And small but good amplifiers seem to have disappeared from view. You 
may have to visit a pawnshop and pick up a 20 year old amp/receiver for 
your frontend.

But that sort of frontend setup, especially if you add an IR receiver 
and remote would really make everything independent of the others.


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