[mythtv-users] Winmyth

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Thu Jan 18 17:02:31 UTC 2007

Mikkel Bystrup Stensgaard wrote:
>> Hi Mikkel,
>> Off the topic a bit
>> I tried to subscribe to your site earlier in the week. I had a feature 
>> request to suggest for your program. One thing that I think would be 
>> very good to add, is an always on top feature (couldn't find it if it 
>> is there). If I remember corectly, setting z-order to -1 sets this on 
>> MS windows, and should be a relatively easy thing to add (checkbox 
>> style or something similar). I am willing to try and help out on any 
>> coding work etc. but at the moment my time would be too limited to 
>> support a full porting of the code I think (depending on how clean it 
>> is).
>> Gareth
>> */Mikkel Bystrup Stensgaard <mikkel at sudu.dk>/* wrote:
>>     It is meant as a alternative for certain things that is nice to do
>>     in an
>>     application-style interface ;)
>>     \Mikkel
>>     http://www.sudu.dk/mythtvplayer/
> I released 0.3.4 yesterday and sent out a message on the mailinglist, 
> but maybe I forgot your email (it is a manual "mailinglist"). I created 
> a mailinglist on sourceforge which is used in the future.. There is a 
> link on the webpage.
> Always-on-top is already implemented, but there was a bug which made it 
> useless before version 0.3.4 :). (The 'A' key is used to toggle 
> always-on-top)
> Please mail me if it still does not work in 0.3.4

Hey Mikkel,

Sorry I never got around to creating that mailing list for you, I can 
still do it if you need it...

Anyway, I just put Windows back into my house, and I tried 0.3.4 last 
night and it would not launch. Every time I tried running it I got a 
Windows Error Message thing asking about sending the data to Microsoft. 
The latest stable release works fine, however.



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