[mythtv-users] Copy Mythbackend from one machine to another

tbaca at heritagewifi.com tbaca at heritagewifi.com
Thu Jan 18 16:35:36 UTC 2007

New Linux user question to follow:

I have two identical machines, one for use and the other for testing
purposes.  The production machine has a problem wherein the backend
segfaults when it tries to do a scheduled recording on the analog inputs
of my PCHDTV 5500 card.  I have reported this issue to the mail list.

On the test machine, I compiled myth.  I have testing that machine for
several days and it appears that the problem is resolved.  However, on the
test machine, I have not been able to get all the plugins to

So the question is can I just copy the “MYTHBACKEND” file from the test
machine to the production machine?



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