[mythtv-users] Encrypted channels in MythTV, how to enter CAM menu?

Mark Schuren schuren at ultra.de
Thu Jan 18 10:43:10 UTC 2007

Hi list,

this may be slightly off-topic, but I can't find anything about it
in the linuxtv dvb threads, and I believe this is a mythtv issue.

The question is how to access the menu of a CAM module sitting
in my CI slot 0? Via myth / gui / cli / whatever.

I'm trying to use an Alphacrypt Light CAM with my TT-C2300 a.k.a
Nexus-CA and as far as I interpret the backend logs (-v all), the
CAM is found:

CAM: AlphaCrypt Light, 01, 4A20, 4A20

and later on successfully initialized. It correctly logs "Please
insert smart card" when no card is plugged in, and also seems to
recognise and accept a friend's smart card (Nagraaladin/Betacrypt),
which works in a normal receiver box. The bad thing is, it only
logs the CAM related messages, but they don't show up in the OSD
or setup tool.

When I try to start LiveTV on any encrypted channel, the CAM should
normally ask me to enter a PIN for the program. When I use the same
CAM and smart card in a standalone CI receiver box, this request
pops up as an OSD. Also there is a possibility to enter the CAM menu
on screen.

MythTv just logs the CAM menu, but automagically "selects" a menu
entry, without displaying anything or giving me a chance to enter


- How can I access the CAM menu at all under linux (not using myth)?
  I'm unable to find info about that... 

- Is there a config entry where to put such pin numbers? 

Any hints are welcome,

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