[mythtv-users] Asus A8N-VM board + Alsa AC3 SPDIF

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Wed Jan 17 23:00:36 UTC 2007

> > > I am having a similar PCM-good/AC3-bad issue on my Gigabyte
> > GA-M55plus-S3G
> > > w/ Creative Audigy 2 ZS:
> >
> > i'm doing SPDIF-out on that exact same motherboard.
> > there's no need for a separate soundcard like you have.  the
> > GA-M55plus-S3G has
> > a coax SPDIF-out header on the motherboard.
> Yes, there's a header, but my mobo didn't include anything to plug on the
> header, I couldn't find anywhere to order an adapter separately, and I read

the onboard header has both SPDIF-in and SPDIF-out and also 5V if i remember

SPDIF is just 2 wires (pins) - its a trivial matter to hook it up to a RCA

i took a "HDD LED header plug" from an old machine and soldered it to a RCA
plug. took all of about 3 minutes.

> somewhat conflicting reports of whether the onboard audio chip would work
> well with Linux 

the Realtek ALC883 HDA is supported in ALSA. it works perfectly fine.

> PCI slots are full, but if I need a 4th tuner I'll probably go for an
> HDHomeRun. Glad to hear that it does work for you - what distro, did you

my system is an older Fedora Core 2 upgraded to Fedore Core 3 some time in the
past.  i.e. quite old. :)

due to the mix of tuner cards i use (4 of them), i run a kernel.org kernel
(2.6.18-rc5 - was the most recent when i bought the motherboard) with
tip-of-tree DVB/V4L and top-of-tree svn ALSA at the time.

> have to do anything "special" or did it just work for AC3?

i use the libsamplerate as an asound plugin to ensure the h/w is always fed
48kHz audio.

> I now have a digital-IO header adapter from a recently retired ASUS socket A
> mobo, I wonder if that would work...

probably - if the pinouts match..

> Just last week I got another M55plus / 4200x2 for my Windows box as sort of
> a hot spare for the mythbox, and now it looks like that was just in time, I
> don't see the M55plus in stock any more this week. End of lifed already
> after 6 months?




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