[mythtv-users] Advice for a frontend build using EPIA hardware

GARETH GLACCUM gareth.glaccum at btopenworld.com
Wed Jan 17 20:29:34 UTC 2007

What are your timescales? I hope to be adding another frontend to my system. 
I currently have a combined backend/frontend with two tuners, and will be 
moving one tuner to the new frontend.
I have opted for the following (I already have a GB switch, so no issues 
with bandwidth):
I will be moving across one Hauppauge wintv-nova-t usb2, it is a tuner and 
IR receiver combined :-)
memory DDR2x1GB
Compact flash 4GB card as base OS holder (and adaptor)
(considering adding a slimline DVD player to the system, but that isn't 
Almost silent 12v 110W power supply.
A jetway mini-itx 1.5GHz motherboard

This leaves a small fan on the MB, (I think that I might replace this with a 
peltier junction, I have a couple that I am not using), and a 'load 
controlled' fan in the AC-DC 12v converter.

I would suspect that this would be more than powerful enough, and should 
easily fit in your $400 budget. The only dissapointing thing was I was 
mislead about the network ports on the motherboard. It was stated as GB, but 
after some investigating they are only 100MB. There is a GB adaptor 
available which I will be using. I can report to the list or to the WIKI on 
any success or failure. I would think (couldn't see it after a quick search) 
that possibly a section in the wiki about what hardware selections have been 
sucessful could be useful for questions like this in the future.
One interesting problem (or not maybe) that I haven't considered, is that my 
backend will be 64bit, but the frontend only 32bit. For pure playback this 
is no issue, but has the comms protocol been described sufficiently strictly 
to handle this.

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I've read many posts and pages about setting up a
frontend with EPIA hardware.  However the advice is
all over the map, so I'm hoping the readers here can
advise appropriately.  ( I already have a working
backend, which will be connected by wired ethernet. )

I want a low-power MythTV frontend that is quiet
(silence is not needed), that smoothly handles video
playback (MPEG2 from ripped DVDs and the PVR350 on the
backend, and transcoded MPEG4),  the menu interface,
emulated  nintendo games, mp3s, and live TV.  It will
need svideo out, as well as digital and analog audio.
I'd like to keep the budget small, too -- around $400
-- for the whole frontend.  I will NOT be doing

So I'm considering the EPIA M10000, which is popular
around here, but I've read conflicting reports about
how well it works.   Some say the SP13000 is
necessary for good performance, though this isn't
clear to me yet.  Any advice?

I'm planning on putting this board in a Morex 3688
case, with a small laptop harddrive, 512 MB RAM, and
whatever remote control hardware will work.

Thanks very much!  Any advice on other aspects of this
build I may have overlooked is much appreciated.

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