[mythtv-users] Winmyth

raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 20:26:04 UTC 2007

ryan patterson wrote:
> Check out Mythtv player: http://www.sudu.dk/mythtvplayer/
> It works with mythtv .20 for playback for not live TV or scheduling 
> recordings (yet).

At the risk of someone telling me "gee, why don't you go do it then?", 
why hasn't anyone made a 10ft UI for mythfrontend on windows yet?
These players like winmyth and mythtvplayer seem to be geared towards 
someone who is sitting directly in front of a monitor using a keyboard 
and mouse.  In truth, dsmyth plus mapping a network drive seems to work 
just as well for me.  A 10ft interface would be much better on the other 

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