[mythtv-users] New house - any advice?

Tony Brummett brummett at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 16:55:01 UTC 2007

On 1/16/07, robin <robin at robinandmariette.com> wrote:
> Thanks for all the comments. You are all a great help!
> Is this possible: Have a frontend box with two or more sound cards, with
> each sound card hooked to a multi-source/multi-zone amp

One instance of the frontend can only be configured to use one sound card at
a time.

I have accidentally started the frontend multiple times on the same box, and
> it didn't seem to have any trouble, but I can't think of a way of pointing
> one instance to one sound card and another instance to another sound card.
> It seems to me they'd all share one config file/database so they would
> both
> try to use the same sound card.

There's a few different ways to use multiple frontends with different config
parameters.  One is to run them as different user IDs, and specify different
LocalHostName names in each user's ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt config file.

You can also use the MYTHCONFDIR env var to specify a config directory
different than ~/.mythtv.  So you could start it like (if you're using bash
as your shell):
MYTHCONFDIR=mythconf1 mythfrontned &
MYTHCONFDIR=mythconf2 mythfrontend &
where mythconf1/mysql.txt and mythconf2/mysql.txt have different values for

It looks like there's also a command line option --override-setting, but it
didn't work for me when I tried overriding DBHostName, so it may or may not
work for LocalHostName; I can't really try it from where I'm at at the

-- Tony
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