[mythtv-users] Mythtranscode is currently unable to transcode remote files

Peter Abplanalp pta-myth at psaconsultants.com
Wed Jan 17 12:44:37 UTC 2007

first off, thanks very much for the help!  on to the results...

----- "Chris Pinkham" <cpinkham at bc2va.org> wrote:
> * On Sun Jan 14, 2007 at 07:21:45AM -0700, Peter Abplanalp wrote:
> > that's correct.  the master is called mythtv and has an ip address
> > of .104.  the recording host is masterbed and has an ip of .107.
> > the data in the recorded table has the correct info for the csi
> > miami recording, masterbed/.107 but the master backend tried to
> > transcode it.  why? shouldn't it have the recording host
> > (masterbed/.107) do the transcoding?
> Check the jobqueue table to see what the inserted records looks like. 
> If you do have the "run jobs on recording host" setting turned ON,
> then the hostname of the backend that recorded the file should be
> inserted into the jobqueue table, otherwise that field will be empty
> and it will get populated by whatever host picks up the job.

now, if i'm really quick checking the jobqueue table, the hostname field is
blank, as you said it would be but after a few moments, it gets populated with
the master's hostname (mythtv.)  from where does mythtv get the hostname it
should use for transcoding?  it looks like the master hostname (mythtv) gets
put in the host table eventhough the host in the recorded table is
masterbed.  just for clarity, let me provide some data again.

here are the rows from the recorded table where transcoding failed:

title            subtitle                    hostname                      transcoded
CSI: Miami       Going Under                 masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
CSI: Miami       Driven                      masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
My Name Is Earl  Buried Treasure             masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
Grey's Anatomy   Six Days                    masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
Jake 2.0         Arms and the Girl           masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
Las Vegas        Fleeting Cheating Meeting   masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
NUMB3RS	Finders  Keepers                     masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
CSI: Miami       Death Pool 100              masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2

here is the row from the jobqueue table from when i tried to transcode
the first csi in the table above.  i've put the data on 3 lines to
hopefully make it more readable:

id    chanid  starttime            inserttime           type  cmds  flags
2222  2004    2006-12-18 21:00:00  2007-01-17 05:19:49  1     0     1      

status  statustime           hostname                    args
304     2007-01-17 05:19:55  mythtv.psaconsultants.com       

Transcode failed with status: 242

as you can see, mythtv seems to ignore the host on which a recording was made
and just uses the master for transcoding.  why would mythtv do this?

here are the rows from my settings table for JobsRunOnRecordHost:

| value               | data | hostname                     |
| JobsRunOnRecordHost | 1    | masterbed.psaconsultants.com |
| JobsRunOnRecordHost | 1    | mythtv.psaconsultants.com    |
| JobsRunOnRecordHost | 1    | yoda.psaconsultants.com      |

in the interest of complete disclosure, i was able to transcode one csi
episode from my previous data because when i tried this experiment last
night, i didn't check to see if the master was busy (it was) and the master
off loaded the transcode request to the correct host.  it seems that if the
master is busy, it chooses the correct host.

thanks again for your help.

Peter Abplanalp

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