[mythtv-users] Recomended distro???

Mark Abreu mark at gags-r-us.org
Wed Jan 17 03:04:47 UTC 2007

Same here.  Almost no linux experience.  I just put one together using Mythdora this weekend.  It comes on one DVD ISO and goes in pretty well.  I've had exactly 3 issues so far:

1.  During the install I chose to use a static address.  The installation continued but failed when it tried to get a channel line-up via zap2it.  Network not working.  I used what I'd call the network control panel to configure it correctly and started the setup portion of the install over.  Worked much better.

2.  After I scanned for channels and got my channel line-up I didn't see what I expected as far as channel names in the program guide.  A little tweak to the myfilldatabase command in the setup fixed this.

3.  I had what looked like an unresponsive system that took a long time to respond to keys.  System isn't busy though.  I think this is an issue Jarod Wilson has identified with window behavior (focus).  I've tweaked a desktop setting and this issue hasn't returned.

After Mythdora my next choice would probably be FC6 and Jarod Wilson's website instructions.  I also found the book "Hacking MythTV" a very good read that better prepared me for this.

On Tue, 16 Jan 2007 10:05:23 -0500, Jake Thompson wrote:
Wow I cannot beleive what I am reading.....
I beleive he asked for easy, so when has install it and compile everything yourself become easy.
Ubuntu is nice, but getting all the myth components and compiling them youself is a pain.
Gentoo is awsome if you know exactly what you are doing and really want to tweak the system, but easy no.
Fedora has RPMs and Myth at atrpms makes installing it fairly straightforward with a little help from Jarrod Wilson.  But again, easy for someone new to linus, not really.
What is easiest to get your feet wet, and to start playing with Myth to learn myth and not lear linux would be something like MythDora or KnoppMyth. 
I personally use Fedora Core 6, but this is because I have been using fedora since day one. I would only recommend this to people if I kew they either had 1. a good linux working base, or 2. me there to lend a hand.
So in short if you want Myth ASAP, use MythDora, if you want to "learn" then use any of the other suggestions being made.


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