[mythtv-users] Recomended distro???

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jan 16 19:25:29 UTC 2007

On Jan 16, 2007, at 11:35 AM, Mark Knecht wrote:

> People should not confuse compile times with difficulty of operation
> or installation. Yes, it takes a day or two when you first start
> bringing a brand new machine up. However a lot of that is just waiting
> for compiles to finish. It's not that much *work* for me. How hard is
> typing 'emerge -DuN system' and then waiting a few hours. I have had
> far less trouble over the last 5 years as I moved away from RPM based
> distros to finally Gentoo only. With the Fedora RPM-based stuff I ran
> I had endless problems getting the right versions of libraries to go
> with the apps I wanted to run. Gentoo's slotting is really nice also.

Agreed on all points.

Asking what is the "best" distro is like asking what is the "best"  
car to buy or the "correct" number of bedrooms to have in your house.  
It is a totally meaningless question unless *all* factors, including  
personal preferences, are taken into account.

A one-bedroom apartment is great for a couple, but makes no sense if  
you have 4 children (though it does happen).

That's the great beauty of Linux, so many choices that you have a  
much better chance of getting what you want.

What the OP was really asking is what is a good distro for running  
Myth. That depends on a lot of factors like are you developing Myth  
or parts thereof, or do you just want a PVR "appliance".

KnoppMyth or MythDora make sense if you are going to have a dedicated  
machine and just want to get it running ASAP and then leave it alone.  
If you want to "play" or develop additions to Myth then they are  
probably not the best answer.

People have made Myth run on just about all Linux distros. The most  
common are probably Fedora (on which Mythdora is based), Debian and  
its variants (on which KnoppMyth is based I think). Gentoo, SuSE and  
Slakware have all been made to work by some. Using the more common  
distros probably makes it easier to get help, but as always use what  
you like.

Years ago I asked a TV repairman what was the best TV to buy, he gave  
me a brand name and when I asked why he said "because I never see  
them here". By definition what you see posted on this list are the  
problems, not the systems that work fine. The "best" solution might  
well be something you have never seen here :-)

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