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Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jan 16 18:41:24 UTC 2007

On Jan 16, 2007, at 5:25 AM, Ryszard wrote:

> quite a long time ago i wrote a set of tools that went to the (now  
> defunct) tvtome.com site and put the data for TV shows into  
> mythconverg.
> given now that tvtome has gone, i've gone and finally re-written  
> the parser to work with tv.com.  i've done a bit of testing and it  
> seems to work pretty well (at least for my limited selection of tv  
> shows).
> there are basically two tools involved here:
> 1) sync.pl - a tool that will have a look on your harddisk and in  
> the database, and perform a syncronisation.  it will remove stuff  
> in your database that is not on the harddisk, and put stuff in the  
> database that is on disk and doesnt already exist.
> 2) vidupdate.pl - a tool that will look in the myth database for a  
> particular category (from the videocategory table) of video that  
> has no plot.  it compiles a list of all these and will then go to  
> tv.com to get the details for you, much like the IMDB tool does for  
> movies.  on the down side, this is not integrated into either  
> mythweb or mythfrontend, but is instead run from a command line.
> now since there are masses of tv shows available and people are  
> recording and storing, i was wondering if anyone was interested in  
> beta testing it.
> given that its beta the regualr caveats apply, ie back up your  
> database and any important data before playing around with it.

Sounds interesting, where would I get these scripts?

I'm building a Myth test system as I am reluctant to "play around"  
with a working box. I might try those out on the test machine, but it  
will be a week or so before I could get around to it.

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