[mythtv-users] New house - any advise?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Jan 16 18:13:57 UTC 2007

robin wrote:
> I'm currently in the middle of building a new house. I'm now at the wiring
> stage. I plan to have a backend in my utility room with multiple front ends
> in different parts of the house.

> I want the main front ends to be diskless and silent (if possible). I was
> wondering what is the currently recommended silent system. I've read about
> people using eipa boards, is this still the best solution? Has anyone tried
> running a front end from a large thumb drive? Or is network boot to a ram
> drive still the best way to go?

This really depends on whether you want HD at the frontends and what 
display you will be using there. If you have monitors which can be 
driven from the vga output, then Epia SP series motherboards are a 
possible choice. They can be powered by a power brick.
The SP series will not do HD levels through TV out however.
The EN series boards have the newer VT1625 which is supposed to be able 
to do HD level TV out, but the driver is not ready, and the EN only does 
  1600x1200 resolution on VGA...

There are Compact Flash/IDE adapters which plug straight in to an IDE 
port on any MB and which will allow zero-moving parts boot. They come in 
40 and 44 pin versions.. about $20 plus your CF card...


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