[mythtv-users] Need advice 4:3 vs 16:9 recording/transcoding/nuvexport params

Christophe Zwecker doc at zwecker.de
Tue Jan 16 17:09:43 UTC 2007


the Tv Shows I record are beeing broadcasted 90% in 4:3 Format, however 
I set my PVR350 to record in 16:9 format and force transcoding in that 
format because I like my 16:9 TV to show fullscreen.
Ive noticed tho when I do that the quality is a lot worse than wenn I 
record in 4:3.
Is that normal ?
Ive noticed also that the recording is showing like light flashes when 
recording in 16:9, anyone seen this ?

Ive set my Recording profile to 720x576 with 6000 bitrate, still the 
picture isnt as good as original TV, there some artifacts.
Isnt that resolution the highest possible and shouldnt it give me a 
quality as seen on TV ?

I later transcode like this:
nuvexport  -mode=XviD --nice=19  --multipass --vbr=yes  --quantisation=2 
  --v_bitrate=2500  --width=720 --height=auto --a_bitrate=128

that gives me a 50% smaller file but the quality is really not good, 
lots of artifacts - I thought xvid with a bitrate of 2500 should give me 
  good quality.

Which settings you use for converting to xvid ?

ill be thankful for any suggestions.

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