[mythtv-users] New house - any advise?

Billy Macdonald billymacdonald at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 16:29:34 UTC 2007

On 1/15/07, robin <robin at robinandmariette.com> wrote:
> I'm currently in the middle of building a new house. I'm now at the wiring
> stage. I plan to have a backend in my utility room with multiple front ends
> in different parts of the house.
> I would like to have s/pdif or other digital audio out to an amp that has
> multiple zones so that I can use mythmusic to keep me entertained throughout
> the house.
> I was originally thinking of using a single multi-source/multi-zone amp for
> the audio off the backend, but that proved to be too expensive to buy and
> wire for the number of zones I wanted, and I couldn't figure out how to tie
> it all together with myth. I figured multiple front-ends, each with its own
> smaller amp would be a cheaper and easier approach. Any comments on this?
> I want the main front ends to be diskless and silent (if possible). I was
> wondering what is the currently recommended silent system. I've read about
> people using eipa boards, is this still the best solution? Has anyone tried
> running a front end from a large thumb drive? Or is network boot to a ram
> drive still the best way to go?
> I guess I'm forging ahead with what I know, and am just looking for a sanity
> check to make sure I don't plan for something I'll regret later. It's a
> whole lot easier to wire the house when it's still a bunch of plain studs.
> On another note, my current setup uses avahi on kubuntu edgy. I've been
> entering the avahi host name for the ip address on the myth configuration
> (i.e mythtv-master.local), and it's worked until I installed a remote
> frontend. The remote front end won't connect unless I actually put the ip
> address in. Is this by design or should it be able to use avahi to get the
> ip address translation?
> -Robin

I recently purchased a "production" built house, so I could have extra
phone & cable lines run to various locations, but that was about it.
They use cat5 for the phone lines so I was able to make a little patch
panel at the service entrance in the garage and put new jacks on the
walls.  It was also very expensive for each run so I did less than
what I should have done.

My recommendation is to run at least two coax connections to each
location where there will be a TV.  This should allow flexibility in
hooking up cable & OTA, or sat & cable or whatever is desired.  And
run a couple/few Cat5 connections from each room to the central
utility location.  If your living room is shaped in such a manner
where you might rearrange, have these connections run to both

If you plan to install a projector or have your TV away from the
amp/reciever/mythfrontends, run the specialized cables now in conduit
that is plenty big to fit the ends of new cables that might be needed
down the line, ie, at least 2".  Leave a pull string in the conduit.

Don't forget to prewire all your speakers too.

The best suggestion would be to just go to HomeDepot and buy spools of
wire, buy more than you need, you can return the unopened spools.  Run
wire like crazy.  You don't have to put junction boxes where they all
end, just know where they are.  Write it down and put it someplace
safe.   you can get those little box frames latter designed to install
from the front of the drywall when you decide to use the wires.  I'm
not sure if coax or cat5 needs to be stapled, I'd ask the building

Good luck,

PS.  No advice on a silent frontend, mine is loud as hell.

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