[mythtv-users] De-interlacing, playback groups & DVB

Billy Macdonald billymacdonald at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 16:15:00 UTC 2007

On 1/16/07, Neil Bird <neil at fnxweb.com> wrote:
> Around about 16/01/07 08:55, Steve Hodge typed ...
> > My DVB-S recordings are interlaced, is there a particular reason you
> > expect your DVB-T recordings not to be?
>    Only an assumption;  I figured that if the video was a straight mpeg
> stream, then interlacing wouldn't come into it.  Maybe that was na´ve.

Can we expand the question for 720p recordings since it doesn't seem
to apply to Neil's situation?  Is the player smart enough to determine
that it's a progressive feed and ignore the interlace settings?

Same for Mythtranscode.  If mythtranscode has the extra interlace
options checked for a profile, but it's a 720p recording, is it smart
enough to ignore these options?

Thanks for the help.

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