[mythtv-users] Recomended distro???

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jan 16 15:33:23 UTC 2007

On Jan 16, 2007, at 8:05 AM, Jake Thompson wrote:

> Wow I cannot beleive what I am reading.....
> I beleive he asked for easy, so when has install it and compile  
> everything yourself become easy.
> Ubuntu is nice, but getting all the myth components and compiling  
> them youself is a pain.
> Gentoo is awsome if you know exactly what you are doing and really  
> want to tweak the system, but easy no.

Actually Gentoo is easy, once you get used to it. I use Gentoo on my  
"main" Linux machine and on an NSLU2. My Myth machine has a MythDora  
installation. I NFS mount the /video partition from the Myth box onto  
the Gentoo machine for editing etc.

I recently installed a couple of other distros on other machines just  
to play with them and I find the various package managers extremely  
confusing compared to Gentoo's portage system, but I guess it's all  
what you are used to.

With any system depending on binary packages you are at the mercy of  
whoever made the package and will never get *exactly* what you want  
as you can with Gentoo.

> Fedora has RPMs and Myth at atrpms makes installing it fairly  
> straightforward with a little help from Jarrod Wilson.  But again,  
> easy for someone new to linus, not really.
> What is easiest to get your feet wet, and to start playing with  
> Myth to learn myth and not lear linux would be something like  
> MythDora or KnoppMyth.
> I personally use Fedora Core 6, but this is because I have been  
> using fedora since day one. I would only recommend this to people  
> if I kew they either had 1. a good linux working base, or 2. me  
> there to lend a hand.

Fedora is an outgrowth of RedHat and I used it since RH 4.2, but I'd  
never go back to it after using Gentoo for a while.

The sheer volume of responses to this shows how contentious this  
subject is. It's right up there with Emacs vs. vi and Gnome vs. KDE.

> So in short if you want Myth ASAP, use MythDora, if you want to  
> "learn" then use any of the other suggestions being made.

I agree with you there. The best bet is to have a machine dedicated  
to Myth and another one to learn/play with. The hardest lesson to  
learn about Myth is once you have it working LEAVE IT ALONE :-)

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