[mythtv-users] Streaming radio

Henrik Gammelmark mythtv at geemark.com
Tue Jan 16 15:17:55 UTC 2007

Hi all

First of all, I know that this may have been asked a million times 
before, but it seems that a lot has changed with MythTV the past months, 
with new releases etc.

I would like to have a clean and simple interface that provides a list 
of pre-configured streaming radio channels, and has a nice playing 
status window that displays of course the station being played along 
with meta information such as buffer status etc, and I would really like 
to have it display the title of the current (and previous) played tracks 
(using Winamp/ShoutCast streams from di.fm).

Is there any plugin that can handle this at the moment, and works with 
the SVN version of MythTV? Google turned out MythStream 
(http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~moongies/streamtuned.html), but it seems 
rather heavy and not sure it works with recent versions?

I have previously tried out a few ones that caused more harm than good, 
so any input what be nice.
Thank you in advance

/ Henrik

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