[mythtv-users] Silent Power SUpplies

Torbjørn Heltne torbjorn.heltne at amelektronikk.no
Tue Jan 16 10:29:45 UTC 2007

Imran K wrote:

> Turns out internal compenent of the supply likes to emit a high pitched
> whine while the machine is switched on.

Do you mean the board inside the case?
If so, the whine you refer to is probably caused by mechanical movement 
in the inductors due to change in the magnetic field.

Try to power up the PC and see if you can locate which one(s) the wine 
comes from by applying a small amount of pressure to the coils/ferrite 
rings. You should then be able to apply a few drops of e.g. hot glue 
between the coil windings to make it completely silent.

Good luck! :-)

Torbjørn Heltne

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