[mythtv-users] De-interlacing, playback groups & DVB

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Tue Jan 16 08:33:35 UTC 2007

   I recently started using an HDTV via PC video cable, and as a lost of my 
recordings come from a satellite box via a PVR-350 card (i.e., analogue) I 
enabled de-interlacing.  I've not found one that works great, but it's 
better than not.

   But it now occurs to me that I do now get a lot of recordings off my 
DVB-T card;  presumably I don't want to be de-interlacing this as it's not 
interlaced to start with?

   Should I be using playback-groups (which I've not yet touched) for this: 
  de-interlacing for some channels and not others?  Can I even *do* that, as 
it won't be per schedule (as some schedules may sometimes record off sat. 
and sometimes off DVB)?

[neil at fnx ~]# rm -f .signature
[neil at fnx ~]# ls -l .signature
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