[mythtv-users] New house - any advise?

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 07:08:33 UTC 2007

My advice would be to drag more CAT5e/6 cable than you think you'll ever need.

Such cable isn't only useful for networking - it can carry telephone,
alarm, audio signals, video signals, remote control signals, digital
audio - even USB, firewire and HDMI with the right adapter.

w.r.t. the epia frontend question - ask yourself if you'll be happy
only playing SDTV - getting HDTV to work on epia boards will be
difficult if not impossible (depending on the board's CPU and onboard
decoder of course).  If SD is all you want, and will be for the
forseeable future, making diskless epia-based frontends running
Miniyth is the way to go IMHO.

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