[mythtv-users] Getting hooked up to xmltv

Dave M G martin at autotelic.com
Tue Jan 16 05:17:52 UTC 2007

MythTV Users,

I'm in Tokyo, Japan and my understanding is that I can get schedule 
information for Japanese broadcast TV from ontvjapan.com.

Of course, this requires proper set up of XMLTV with MythTV, which I 
clearly haven't succeeded at yet, because all channel information comes 
up with "Unknown".

I've tried as much as possible to follow instructions on the MythTV web 
site and even some sources in Japanese, but I'm missing something.

What I have succeeded in doing is to get MythTV to scan and detect all 
the local channels. They have their names and xmltv ids in place (at 
least it seems to in the database).

I know I'm supposed to use mythfilldatabase, but it reports "Failed to 
fetch some program info".

There's also a tv_grab_jp.conf file with a listing of xmltv ids in the 
~./xmltv directory.

I've also downloaded and attempted to run a tv_grab_jp perl script.

Everything seems almost in place, but I feel I'm just missing the right 
info in the right place somewhere in all this.

Any advice much appreciated.

Dave M G
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS
Pentium D Dual Core Processor
PHP 5, MySQL 5, Apache 2

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