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Matthew Asplund mattasplund at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 01:20:43 UTC 2007

Actually, how about an option under the "Media Library" or "Watch TV" menu
that would be "Synchronize to another Myth Front-End".  You could then
choose which front-end from all front-ends that are connected to your
back-end.  The slave front-end would then do whatever the master front-end
does.  Given that I can sync the time on my computers using NTP, it would be
enough to send the occasional time marker command to keep them together.  In
practice, it would be great if they were within 10 ms, to minimize the echo
, which is pretty easy even for a ping command.

Now the one tricky part that I can see, is what if you have one SD setup and
one HD setup.  I suppose that if you are using SD content it is easy, and if
you have HD content, then the SD front-end is responsible for rendering the
stream into 480p to make it work out.

Matt Asplund

On 1/15/07, R. G. Newbury <newbury at mandamus.org> wrote:
> Stroller wrote:
> >> The question is, how hard to incorporate into myth?
> >
> > Ummm, is Myth's code already based upon VLC? If not it's likely to be
> > easier just to add multicast into Myth. If Myth already uses UDP (??)
> > then that really shouldn't be too hard for a decent programmer (although
> > I'm afraid I don't meet that description myself). For me a more opaque
> > problem is how to tell the two front ends to play the same thing.
> >
> > Stroller.
> You want a new switch tied to a Live TV or Playback startup, which would
> start a User Job... which would send a telnet command to the slave FE,
> to start playing the same program...That likely would not synch exactly,
> but as you note, a second off is probably fine...
> Heck, we already watch LiveTV with a 4-5 second delay from 'real' time!
> Geoff
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