[mythtv-users] MythTV can't (safely) record UK Channel five

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 00:36:20 UTC 2007

On 16/01/07, scratch1701 <scratchbuild at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I just installed Myth 0.20 (from ATrpms) on Fedora Core 6, and I seem
> to be experiencing the original poster's problem of mythbackend
> quitting without ANY logs when recording UK channel Five.
> Can I ask how this problem was solved? Myth 0.19 used to be rock solid
> for me, but 0.20 is really giving me problems :(

Although I'm running SVN (currently 12477, previously a build from
114xx time), I've never had a problem with recordings on five
terminating (I record NBA and X Games coverage and Law & Order
whenever it's on). I'm using the Sutton Coldfield transmitter for
reception with KWorld DVB Xpert cards - could it be a transmitter or
card specific problem?

Have you turned on full 'recording' logging? Have you run a new
channel scan after upgrading to 0.20? Can you record from five using
other software such as kaffeine without incident?

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