[mythtv-users] Channel scanning -- no tables

Phil Figgins habajaba at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 20:38:22 UTC 2007

I can not seem to get 2 ATSC OTA local channels recognized in MythTV with my
AverMedia A180 tuner card. Both show up in a channel scan but they timeout
with the error "no tables". All of my other channels are found without
issue. Initially, I forgot to choose those channels on my Zap2It lineup, but
that is no longer the case. I've gone in and removed channels, video sources
ad tried re-scanning to no avail. I've also removed and created new lineups
in Zap2It, with all channels selected, just to make sure I was getting the
data from them. Tonight I even removed the entire database, re-ran mc.sql
and then mythtv-setup. It STILL shows no tables for those 2 channels. Is
there anything that I could be doing wrong that is causing this? Anyone have
any suggestions? 

For the record, the channels are 10 (9-x) and 18 (not sure what station this
one is) in Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio. I thought that the problem might have
been that channel 10 is a VHF station, but the "no tables" error leads me to
believe it's a problem matching the channel to the guide data, right? 

Is there somewhere I can manually enter in the channel data in the database
to get past this error? I'm familiar with MS SQL server and Oracle, so I'm
sure I could hack up MySQL if I knew where to look for the data. Any help is
much appreciated!

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