[mythtv-users] OT Switching from DSUB to DVI

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Mon Jan 15 17:59:55 UTC 2007

You just need to plug the DVI cable in. I have the same computer as you, 
also running Edgy. I also have a problem:) It is connected to a 23" LCD 
monitor. When running at the monitors native resolution, I get no output 
from the DVI.

Ubuntu boots fine and until X starts everything works OK. Once X starts 
I get output from the DSub, but not the DVI. Both outputs work correctly 
at lower resolutions. One of my New Year jobs is to find out why this 


Ian Newby wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I have a mythtv combined frontend/backend box which is driving my 27" 
> LCD tv using the dsub connection. I'm not happy with this, as via this 
> route the best resolution is 1024x768 while the screen is native 
> 1280x720. I read somewhere that hdmi is basically dvi with sound, and a 
> dvi to hdmi cable could be used. I ordered one which should come in a 
> few days.
> My box (an Asus Punit p1-ah1)  has both a DSUB and a DVI output from the 
> onboard Nvidia graphics. Its running Ubuntu 6.10.
> How do I switch from DSUB to PCI? Is is just remove one cable and 
> replace with the other or do I have to configure something in X or the bios?

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