[mythtv-users] Apple iTV - MythTV Frontend?

Michael Hobbs mike at hobbshouse.org
Mon Jan 15 17:11:24 UTC 2007

Brad DerManouelian wrote:
> In fact, the  
> only restrictive thing I've seen from them is the industry-mandated  
> DRM on the iTunes content. From what I can tell, they HATE doing it.  

Au contraire, mon frère. Granted, this is hearsay from the latest TWiT 
(http://twit.tv) podcast, but they were mentioning that Apple LOVES DRM. 
In fact, some of the Apple management in charge of iTunes has said that 
they would put DRM into iTunes even if the music industry didn't require 
it. It creates lock-in. If you have $200 invested in iTunes music that 
can only play on an iPod, you're going to think twice before switching 
to any other device.

The ironic twist in all this is that when they first launched iTunes, 
they probably did use DRM only because the music industry required it. 
Now, they have something like 90+% of the music download market and 
therefore have the music industry by the proverbial gonads. Guess what? 
It's the DRM that the music industry insisted on that is keeping Apple's 
continued lock on the market. What goes around, comes around...

- Mike

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