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Mitchell Gore mitchell2345 at msn.com
Mon Jan 15 16:53:56 UTC 2007

> Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 15:37:26 +0000
> From: damian at gingermagic.com
> To: mythtv-users at mythtv.org
> Subject: [mythtv-users] Projectors
> A friend of mine runs his projector through Windows and seems to be in a silly situation with the resolution. His Projector is wide screen, but he can't set Windows up to use it wide screen, so it displays 4:3, loosing the sides of his projector image. When he then plays a film wide screen, he's loosing the top and bottom of this already reduced resolution, so only the middle section of the project is being used.
> Is this a problem with Myth too? Should I be getting a 4:3 projector, or is widescreen just fine? It probably depends on the graphics card too, but I've not got either yet so I'm open to all thoughts.
> Is the resolution the same for 4:3/widescreen projectors and the pixels squash, or are the resolutions different?
> Oh yes, one more question. Am I right in thinking that
> most UK broadcasts are widescreen now? There seems to be a lot of clipping most of the time on my TV screen.
> Cheers
> Damian

Myth can diplay wide screen just fine just have to get the settings correct.  I use a wide screen projector and it works great.  

once you have your diplay right on the desktop myth will use that.  The only other settings you will have to do is if you plan on using MythVideo you will have to put

'-aspectratio 16:9' 

in the player setttings. 
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