[mythtv-users] Projectors

Damian Surr damian at gingermagic.com
Mon Jan 15 15:37:26 UTC 2007

A friend of mine runs his projector through Windows and seems to be in a 
silly situation with the resolution. His Projector is wide screen, but 
he can't set Windows up to use it wide screen, so it displays 4:3, 
loosing the sides of his projector image. When he then plays a film wide 
screen, he's loosing the top and bottom of this already reduced 
resolution, so only the middle section of the project is being used.

Is this a problem with Myth too? Should I be getting a 4:3 projector, or 
is widescreen just fine? It probably depends on the graphics card too, 
but I've not got either yet so I'm open to all thoughts.

Is the resolution the same for 4:3/widescreen projectors and the pixels 
squash, or are the resolutions different?

Oh yes, one more question. Am I right in thinking that
most UK broadcasts are widescreen now? There seems to be a lot of 
clipping most of the time on my TV screen.


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