[mythtv-users] Output to monitor and Projector

Damian Surr damian at gingermagic.com
Mon Jan 15 14:36:18 UTC 2007

Mr. Demeanour wrote:
> Damian Surr wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> On the system I'm about to build, I want the Kids to be able to use 
>> Ubuntu on the monitor, and then all sit back and watch a film on a 
>> projector. Do I need two outputs on the video card for this? Or is
>> there a way of daisy-chaining them? Or a switch box or something?
> A KVM switch would "switch" a single video output between two display
> devices, which prolly isn't what you want. And I'm not aware of any way
> to multiplex two X sessions over a single display-card output.
> So you need two display card outputs, which might be on the same card or
> on distinct cards. If they're on the same card, you need to be sure that
> the card supports dual independent displays.
> HTH,
> Jack.
I only need one running at any one time.
Both would be nice, but not if it causes the slightest of problems 
(which I strongly assume it would)

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