[mythtv-users] Perfect DVD rips failing

Peter pete at putzin.net
Mon Jan 15 06:02:32 UTC 2007

I experimented with ripping some of my DVD's to iso's to allow for 
easier management. Mostly the TV shows I buy but some of my favorite and 
more often watch movies, it's faster to watch them using Myth than to 
constantly have to switch disks all the time. Anyway, I ripped each disk 
as an iso and now I can't play them. I know at one point in time they 
did play, I remember it working. However, my myth box sat idle for a 
while so I recently did a clean upgrade to FC6 and myth .20 from atrpms. 
And all of them give me some interpol warning that I don't remember 
having seen before.

So, two questions.
1. Why won't mplayer/Myth play these back? I assume it's a track/chapter 
issue, where it doesn't know which to play, and the default is the 
warning screen. But perfect rips have to work somewhere, right?
2. Should I rip to something other than an iso? I want the quality for 
the video to stay the same, and for the audio when it's dolby digital. 
I've never tried anything but a perfect rip, so I'm game for other 
options, but if I'm gonna spend the HD space for convenience, then it 
better look good.

Like I said, I'm fairly certain these worked in the past, but now don't. 
I screwed something up, but I'm not sure what. Any help would be much 
appreciated. Thanks.


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