[mythtv-users] questions about channels...

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Jan 14 23:37:26 UTC 2007

Seth Hettich wrote:
> Two questions:
> Is there a way to have channels configured in the system, but not show
> up in the grid by default? I don't want to see all the home shopping,
> but who knows I way want to watch one of them some day so I don't want
> to delete them.

Yes, this has been in myth since the early days. Read your
keys.txt for info about using "favorite" channels.

> And related, can I set a channel to never have it's shows recorded
> automatically (via the "record from any channel" option for a show)?
> I get "HBO Latino", but I'm pretty sure I always  want my shows in
> English, but again, who knows, perhaps some day I'll want to tune in
> for some reason.

No, but you can put it at a disadvantage. In TV-Settings->
Recording Priorities->Channel Priorities you can set "HBO
Latino" to -1 so that a show would prefer any other showing
at any time on any channel, HBO% or otherwise. The only shows
that would record on "HBO Latino" would be shows exclusive
to that channel.


Others may mention the "visible" flag but this treats the
channel and listings as if they are even there so you would
not be bale to tune to such a channel and therefore is not
what you want.

--  bjm

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