[mythtv-users] Sound quality issues

Andrew Leahy aleahy at knox.edu
Sun Jan 14 19:27:33 UTC 2007


I've just installed my first mythtv system.  Everything works well 
except for the sound quality, which for some reason is really bad.  In 
particular, the audio is choppy, distorted, and there's an annoying hum 
in the background.  To give you an idea of just how bad, here's a sample 
I converted to mp3:


I originally thought it was a performance or encoding issue.  But 
mythbackend is only using 15% of the CPU when encoding and the problem 
occurs whether I select the 'uncompressed' PCM or 'mp3' option under my 
recording profiles.  Now I'm guessing that it's something in my capture 
set-up. (I have an ENLTV saa1374 with sound output sent to the line in 
on my onboard sound card.) The funny part is that watching TV via tvtime 
looks and sounds just fine.

Any ideas about what is up here?  Here's a copy of my amixer output if 
it's helpful:


Thanks for your help.

Andrew Leahy

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