[mythtv-users] No OSD on ATI TV Out

Matthias Thyroff lists at thyroff.net
Sun Jan 14 17:37:07 UTC 2007


on a spare crt and a spare PIII-500 Notebook I have set up a second frontend.
I was happy (and surprised) to find that this notebook had enough horsepower
to display PAL SD DVB TV! (Dell PIII-500 Notebook, ATI Rage Mobility, 256MB
Ram, PCMCIA fast ethernet, Ubuntu, myth 0.20 from the repository, lirc with
the irda port, 800x600, no deinterlacing, around 90% CPU load)

So I got it to work, also TV out using atitvout to activate the S-Video
output. In my xorg.conf I choose "800x600" but no more options, no special
modeline for TV out.

The only thing that does not work now is the OSD: it is not displayed. I have
read in a guide on Internet that some ATI cards show the video overlay only on
screen 0. Should I try to start x with a modeline that specifically starts X
on the s-video connector? Does anybody have xorg.conf options to get this to

Thanks in advance, best regards,


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