[mythtv-users] NVIDIA 5200 SVideo output is black and white

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sun Jan 14 15:26:46 UTC 2007

Yan Seiner wrote:
> The subject says it all.  All I get is black and white on my TV monitor.
> It could be a bad cable - I am using an SVideo to RCA - composite cable 
> - or it could be a software glitch.  Alas, I don't have another TV I can 
> haul in here...
> The output on the VGA port is fine.
> Any suggestions?
In your xorg.conf, set the TV output format to COMPOSITE.  Even though 
you are outputting on an S-Video port, your ultimate destination is 
composite and you need to tell Nvidia that to pass the right color 
information.  Originally, I assumed that config option was to say which 
*port* to output but it actually controls the format of the signal on 
the s-video port.


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