[mythtv-users] Deinterlacing Methods

James Buckley xanium4332 at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 14 11:27:49 UTC 2007

Could you describe your setup to me, like how your TV's connected and what
other settings your using.

Also, what distro you using. I don't understand why my kernel deint is so
bad for me, the fps is just so low, I can't have it setup right...

Thanks in advance, James

On 13/01/07, Brad DerManouelian <myth at dermanouelian.com> wrote:
> On Jan 13, 2007, at 3:31 PM, James Buckley wrote:
> > Hmm, for me kernel deint is just rubbish, I don't know how anybody
> > could watch it! News tickers are so jumpy it's hard to track the
> > text moving, and frequently someone can say a word and I not even
> > see their lips move. I don't think this is normal though, can
> > anyone confirm this?
> I use it and it looks better than the others for me. I'm on AMD64
> with 64bit libraries.
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