[mythtv-users] commercial skip only for certain channels?

Craig G. craig at goranson.org
Sun Jan 14 04:49:50 UTC 2007

Actually sarvin's question was a bit different then what was already 
discussed.  What was discussed this week was whether it was possible to 
specify different commercial skip methods on different channels, which is 
currently no.   I think sarvin "might" be asking if its possible to run 
commercial skip on one channel but not have any commercial flagging done on 

In answer to sarvin's question:
It is possible to do automatic commercial flag on certain channels and not 
have it done on others.   If you go into mythtv-setup and go into the 
channel editor you can specify certain channels as being "Commercial Free" 
and this will cause the commercial flagging job to not run on those 
channels.    Then if you wish you can follow any of the online tutorials to 
automatically have your system generate a cutlist, and cut out your 
commercials on the channels you want it to and it will leave the recordings 
for "Commercial Free" channels alone.

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On Jan 13, 2007, at 5:05 PM, sarvin wrote:

> Is it possible to automatically commercial skip only programs on
> certain channels?

No. This was just discussed yesterday. You should do a quick search
before asking questions that have just been answered if you're not
going to follow along with all the threads.
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