[mythtv-users] Mandriva 2007 comes with IVTV :) but....

Malcolm mythtv at v8-ranger.com
Sun Jan 14 03:45:08 UTC 2007

Hey Guys,

After much frustration upgrading my old mandrake 10.0 box and recompiling 
everything on there about a million times I just wiped it and loaded 
Mandriva 2007 and was very surprised to see IVTV 0.7 installed.  Looking at 
dmesg I see the only thing its missing is the firmware which I'm guessing is 
why I don't have /dev/video devices.

I looked on http://ivtvdriver.org and found this:

Mandriva 2007: has support in de kernel you only need to download de 
firmware rpms from plf to get a working configuration.

Where or what is plf?  I searched google for a firmware rpm and found so 
many pages and links to different rpms I'm not sure what to get.

Thanks for any help

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