[mythtv-users] Mythtranscode is currently unable to transcode remote files

Peter Abplanalp pta-myth at psaconsultants.com
Sun Jan 14 00:08:13 UTC 2007

hi all.  i've searched the archive and it seems that the most prevalent reason for this message is an error in hostname; however, my hostname is correct.  likewise, i have checked the box "run jobs on original recording host."  is there any other reason why i would get this message on the master backend?

a little background: i have a master backend/frontend, 2 slave backends/frontends and my laptop which is just a frontend.  here is an example of my recorded table where the transcode column is 2:

title            subtitle                  hostname                      transcoded
CSI: Miami       Death Grip                masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
CSI: Miami       Going Under               masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
CSI: Miami       Driven                    masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
My Name Is Earl  Buried Treasure           masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
Grey's Anatomy   Six Days                  masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
Jake 2.0         Arms and the Girl         masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
Las Vegas        Fleeting Cheating Meeting masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2
NUMB3RS          Finders Keepers           masterbed.psaconsultants.com  2

here is the exact error message from the master backend log:

2007-01-13 16:35:26.127 Attempted to transcode myth:// Mythtranscode is currently unable to transcode remote files.
2007-01-13 16:35:26.133 JobQueue: Transcode Errored: CSI: Miami "Death Grip": (Autodetect)

if i run hostname on that box, it returns masterbed.psaconsultants.com.  if i do an internal dns lookup on any host, i get  from the data it looks like this is only happening on the masterbed box but it happens on my other slave box as well (it just doesn't record a whole lot).  it just depends on whether the master is already running a transcode job.  if it is, the transcode job gets shifted to one of the slaves.

i am runngin myth version 0.20-148 from atrpms.  the boxes were setup using jerod's guide.

anyone have any idea what i might be missing?

thanks in advance.

Peter Abplanalp

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