[mythtv-users] CRT specs that match TV specs for SD

Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 04:36:29 UTC 2007

> So is there any way to get around this? I just raised my recording birate
> to
> 6400, peak 9000 and am watching a hockey game and I see no difference. I
> recorded a movie at the same bitrate but haven't watched it yet.
> What's a better card?

There really isn't any way to get around it that I know of - the PVR series
are about as good as it gets for a combined tuner/MPEG encoder card.  There
are, however, some other routes to go for improved video quality:

1)  Get an HD capture card.  You'll likely only be able to get broadcast
network programming - but you'll be amazed how many things you find that
suddenly become worth watching in HD.  Personally, I'd rather watch crap
programming in HD than quality NTSC programing.

2) Get a digital cable/sat box and record off its s-video output using your
PVR-500.  Analog cable inherently gives you a noisy video signal, and MPEG-2
compression does not handle noisy input well.  For the best picture quality
possible from a PVR card, feed it downscaled HD programming from the s-video
port of an HD cable/sat box.

3) Watch football live (j/k, please! don't do this. acute beer commercial
poisoning is likely to occur if you try this)
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