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The optimal arrangement is to put a frontend machine near each monitor and
send the video out from the central location over the network.  Without a
frontend machine, you can send your video over distance by terminating your
RG-6 coax with RCA connectors and sending a composite video signal, or for a
truly  crappy viewing expoerience, you could get an RF modulator to feed
your video signal into.

The question you really need to be asking yourself, though , is how am I
going to remotely control the frontend running the central closet?

On 1/12/07, Seth Daniel <mythtv.org at sethdaniel.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a question for anyone using a central wiring closet (CWC, home
> run or Node 0 arrangement) along with a MythTV setup.
> My current diagram has MythTV in a rack in the CWC.  It is connected to
> the cable box and also an antenna.  My question is this: in a CWC
> arrangement what is the best way to send the video signal from the
> MythTV box to the TV?  Do some video cards have coax outputs?  Mine
> doesn't.  It has a DVI out, but running a DVI cable to the TV seems
> unfeasible (it's around 40 feet to the TV from the CWC).  I'd like to be
> able to use the MythTV feed in any room that has a video (coax) jack.
> What are people using in this arrangement?  Is this even an optimal
> arrangement?
> Thanks.  I also apologize if my question isn't entirely clear.  I'm
> still reading about a lot of this and I don't know that I have a clear
> grasp of all the jargon yet.
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