[mythtv-users] CRT specs that match TV specs for SD

Mike Grusin mgrusin at flyingcircuits.com
Fri Jan 12 21:15:18 UTC 2007

> Well it must be the compression then, or my setup. All I know is
> that sporting
> events, for example, don't look crisp. The picture is "soft". I have a
> PVR-500 card and I have raised the bitrate some, after discussing my
> impressions in the past. After I spent the weekend at my
> girlfriend's place,
> her 27" $300 Phillips TV looks way better than my setup and so I got to
> wondering what I could do. There are so many variables to fiddle
> with I lost
> interest working through them but now I want to try again.

If you aren't already, try running one of the deinterlace filters, with the
highest quality that your CPU can handle.  That's one big difference between
a CRT and a TV.

Other than that, I think the higher quality of a PC display tends to show
how horrible (SD) TV signals generally are.  I have a mythbox which looks
spectacular on a 27" TV using svideo, while the same shows often look worse
on a PC frontend to my eyes at least.

-Mike G.

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