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> I realize we can skip commercials with Myth, which I do, however, I
> had a thought the other day.
> I'd REALLY REALLY like to see a required parental rating on
> Commercials. When we do watch live events (football etc) it's a real
> pain to have movie promos that would give adults nightmares, showing
> up on breaks during the game. Just like TV's now come with parental
> blocks for programs, I wish commercials had to abide by the same
> guideines. Give me 60 seconds of gray screen with no audio, till it's
> over.
> Before someone gets on the "be a responsible parent" bandwagon, I'm
> the person sitting there covering my kids eyes, and muting the TV so
> they don't hear about "serial killers with 300 victims" in the middle
> of a NFL playoff game.
> How would one go about pushing an issue like this? Is it even viable?

Be a responsible parent.  Football is violent sport that might give them

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