[mythtv-users] Auto transcode after commercial flagging

steve networks1 at cox.net
Fri Jan 12 20:11:36 UTC 2007

I am trying to configure MythTV to automatically commercial flag then
transcode the shows I record.  I think I have set it up to do this through
the setup and recording options, but in some cases it seems not to be
happening.  I was reading the user manual section on this
rdings) and it can be read to imply that this is not possible.  It says:


The transcoder can be used in two ways:


   1. Automatically re-encode every file once it has completed recording.

   2. After marking commercials, the transcoder can be run manually to
delete the commercials from the file (thus further saving space). 


The two methods are independent. The first is an automatic process that can
be enabled/disabled through the setup program; the second is a manual method
which must be invoked on each recording individually.


So if I set MythTV to mark commercials while it's recording, then to
automatically transcode after recording is complete, should it transcode and
cut commercials (I can't see any reason why not), or can this only happen
with manual action as implied in the manual?


One other question is how I can tell whether a particular show has been
transcoded already or not. There doesn't seem to be an icon to indicate this
on the screen that lists the recorded shows.  So if a commercials aren't
gone on a given show I can't tell if it's because transcoding isn't
happening (or hasn't happened yet) or because it transcoded but didn't cut
the commercials.





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