[mythtv-users] mythtv on the ps3

Jeff Breadner jeff at breadner.ca
Fri Jan 12 18:27:48 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 13:09 -0500, Reza wrote:
> nice, uPnP looks like some interesting technology, is there anything I
> need to do to activate it in myth or is it always on? Im pretty much
> looking for something which looks nice and can access my backend
> recordings and play all my movies/dvds. Obviously it would be awesome
> to get mythfrontend completely functional on my ps3.

My understanding is that uPnP is on by default, not sure if it is
something  you can turn on or off.  Anyway, I didn't have to change
anything on my backend to turn it on; it's running FC5 with RPMs from
atrpms (mythtv-backend-0.20-148.fc5.at).

I've compiled 3 different versions of myth on the PS3 now (looking for
one that will talk to my backend, 0.20-fixes worked) and they all run
OK.  I tried mythtv-0.20, mythtv-0.20-fixes and the head SVN source.

I haven't seen the issue you reported with taking a long time to start
up, mine starts in a bit less time than my XBox does, about 10-15
seconds.  Maybe this is because I used the qt source RPM instead of a
tarball?  The only other difference in how I'm running (I think) is that
I'm lower resolution,  I am playing back in 480i on an old-school 4:3
tube TV, so I'm not pushing as many pixels as you.

I haven't had a lot of time to play with video playback; it is a little
choppy though, maybe 10-15 frames per second.  Again this is probably
performing better than your system because I'm at lower res.  I was
running this on the enlightenment WM, which were you using?

I really haven't had a lot of problems with this so far; the thing I'm
working on now is the DirectFB / QT Embedded option, the wiki has a
howto for myth-0.19 running on x86, I'm keeping notes on getting
myth-0.20-fixes working on the PS3, I'll post a link when I get it


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