[mythtv-users] editing out commercials & dvd creation

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Jan 12 18:23:07 UTC 2007

On Jan 12, 2007, at 10:58 AM, Rodney Myers wrote:

> This is what I used under Linux, and then OS X, to edit out the  
> commercials, and create viewable dvd's.
> On both linux & os x, to edit the commercials out, I use Avidemux.  
> It just works, and licensed under the GPL.

There are all sorts of video editing option under Linux. The built-in  
editor in Myth works well for cuts only, and there are many more  
options up to and including Cinelerra, which is a full-blown non- 
linear editor, with hardware requirements to match :-)
> To create dvd's under linux (wine) I used Pegasys DVD Author. Does  
> a very good job for multiple movies & the creation of chapters &  
> menus. I could not get any of the Linux programs functioning to  
> what I what I wanted.

There are many options for this under Linux, and I really am working  
on "Part 2" of VHS to DVD transfers, which of necessity includes how  
to make a DVD. Authoring and burning DVDs on Linux is still at least  
much art as science though.
> Under OS X, to create/burn dvds' I found MovieGate. Creates menus,  
> themes, etc. Very slick.

I wasn't aware of that one, but for $15 it looks like a bargain.  
Linux is fun to play with but I can't tell you how often when I just  
want to "get it done" I turn to a Mac, not just for video stuff but  
just about anything.

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